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Little Torch Key / Big Torch / Middle Torch Real Estate

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Little Torch

The ideal location for aquatic recreations such as fishing, kayaking and other aquatic activities is just within the reach of the Little Torch Key real estate area.  It’s rustic and natural terrain which hasn’t been commercially developed gives a perfect atmosphere that makes residents and visitors feel at one with nature.

Among the Torch Key islands that fall within the area of Monroe County, Little Torch is the most populated area and offers the most luxurious residential areas with subdivisions that have coral shore estates, luxurious waterfront villas offering single family homes, multi-family homes, and detached housing units, all built around a very clean and pristine residential area which enjoys having a great selection of shopping and dining spots nearby.

Little Torch Key sits beautifully in the lower Florida Keys, just 24 miles away from the famous Key West area. Its neighborhood is home to the majority of the workforce of the Lower Key chain of islands. Located near the Ramrod Keys, Summerland and a preferred jump-off point for divers for its proximity to Looe Rey Reef, this part of the Florida Keys gives quick access to a foray of activities, amenities and facilities of most Monroe County resort island hubs.

The education of this Torch Key Island is provided by the Monroe County School District, within reach of a community college, three high schools, a middle school, four elementary, three k-8 schools, four charters and other special learning centers.

The local economy is also booming, with the regular influx of tourists giving residents employment and small business opportunities in trade industries that cover retail, construction and hotel operations. There’s no income tax within Little Torch Keys, so it’s really a profitable area to both work and live. There’s an endless list of things to enjoy in the Little Torch Key real estate scene, facilities and amenities in different areas such as sports, outdoor and aquatic recreation, local flavored cuisines dining spots, spa and wellness resorts, and activities that showcases the local wildlife.

If you like experience life in the islands with a perfect balance of community interaction, Little Torch Key is the best place to relocate to among the Torch Key areas. Call us or email us today to know more about the houses within this Florida Key island chain.

Big Torch

Experience living in the world class tropical resort haven which made the Florida Keys chain of islands famous all over the world. Among the desirable communities to check out is the Big Torch Key real estate area, one of the three Torch Key island which is included in the Lower Keys district.

Like all the three Torch Key communities, Big Torch is named to the native Sea Torchwood tree which is abundant in this island chain, serving as a beautiful and natural landscape addition to this island.

The biggest among all Torch Keys, the island is mostly made up of wetlands and hardwood hammocks. But there’s a small community that has a good number of single family homes with the traditional Floridian stilt housing architecture that are near a fully operational marina, dive shop, fishing resorts, two restaurants, a motel and even a church. This makes this region of the Florida Keys one of the quietest communities among the island chains.

Enjoy all the amenities that the whole island chain of Florida Keys is offering to both residents and visitors. There’s always something to do here, and everything is within reach of Big Torch Key.

Connected by a causeway to the north is sister island Middle Torch Key and within the area of the Overseas Highway, Big Torch Key real estate areas enjoys the public and private schools under the Monroe County School District, quick access to major international airports and major commercial hubs and tourist spots like Key West and the mainland connected areas of the Florida Keys.

If you want big spaces, a relaxing and tranquil island residence, Big Torch is the right Florida Key island to move into. Let us help you relocate to your dream island home, call us today and we will gladly assist you on everything you should know about this Florida Key community.

Middle Torch

Within one of three Torch Key islands included the Lower Keys region of the beautiful Florida Key island chains is the Middle Torch Key real estate area. The southern most tip of Middle Torch Key is on U.S. 1, more commonly known as the Overseas Highway which is at mile marker 28.

The Middle Torch Key offers one of the most secluded residential spaces among the Torch Key island chain. Houses here are on the upscale section in regards to maket value, with highly upgradable and huge single family homes mostly featuring a 360 scenic view of the natural and beautiful Florida Keys landscape.

Enjoy the sunset within one of the luxurious estates which mostly a super sized version of the traditional Florida stilt homes of the Gulf Coast.

As part of the Lower Keys chain and located between Ramrod Key and Little Torch Key, this island is right in the middle of a thriving residential area and budding tourist business location. Within the reach of this exclusive island community is the Big Pine Academy and Sugar Loaf Middle School, just 2 of 21 schools provided by the Monroe School District that offers K-8 and K-12 education programs.

The exclusive island community offers fantastic calm waters, a good nightlife, a couple of bar and grill which provides great entertainment and good food to its privileged residents. It’s really one of the nicer keys in all of the Lower Key islands offering a private residential setting that is more spacious houses, bigger lot areas and more luxurious designs than homes in other exclusive Florida Keys real estate properties which offers the same price range.

Experience the tranquil and secluded living luxuries of this spacious island’s residential area that is just within reach of every major recreation and leisure hub of the Florida Keys island chain. Contact us to know more about the beautiful Middle Torch Key real estate area.

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