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Tropical Key Colony – A Quiet Oasis

bigpine8The cozy, peaceful neighborhood of Tropical Key Colony is sandwiched between the subdivisions of Pine Channel Estates and Big Pine Shores. It is just east of the previously mentioned Pine Channel Estates. It is an oasis of natural simplicity and quiet – with a happy, thriving population of our diminutive key deer, as well as all of the other creatures who live here. This area is aptly named due to the beautiful tropical foliage laced through out the yards. There are areas full of indigenous trees and plants which are protected habitat areas on every street.  It is a very quiet area with extremely low traffic. There is a nice amount of property between homes, and all of the houses boast a sizable yard, often with woods and fruit trees flanking at least one side.mangophoto 1tropical3

Because of the room between homes and the woods all around, you can barely tell you have neighbors here at certain times.  However, it is a lovely area with people out and about, enjoying the sunset and a walk with their dogs and cats. All of the houses here are either two story or stilt homes. And although this is not a waterfront area, it is a short walk or bike ride to watch the sun go down over the water. Or, some of the home owners choose have either below or above ground swimming pools, so you can opt to have a relaxing water filled fun day right in your lanai or backyard, just jump on in with a raft and drift around in the cool, gentle water.


tropical7This is another comparatively newer neighborhood for Big Pine Key, and at this time, there are no new homes under construction.  Because this area is located at the western end of Big Pine, it is the second closest access to Key West and the other surrounding Keys of Little Torch, Middle Torch, Big Torch, Ramrod, Summerland, Cudjoe, Sugarloaf, Baypoint, the Saddlebunches and Big Coppitt Keys. It is also the 2nd closest neighborhood to U.S.1 on the northern side of Big Pine divided by U.S.1, but the traffic is indecipherable from the area.bigdbp3birdbp2

Generally speaking, mid September through mid November is when the skies in Big Pine fill with fabulous migrations of many different southbound birds, and this little sub division certainly has its share of the view of this particular event. Along with brilliant stars at night and wind in the woods, it is a lovely, peaceful area.

There is always more information to gather about this and all subdivisions to help familiarize you with the area, along with the Key Isle real estate options so that you can make wise, informed decisions.







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