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Thanksgiving in the Fabulous Florida Keys!


Thanksgiving is upon us in the fabulous Florida Keys! Red snapper Rangoon, honey glazed ham with pineapple chutney, crab claw appetizers, coconut pineapple pilaf, chocolate key lime pie, …..these are just a few of the tropical alternates for the traditional Thanksgiving feast you might find in the Florida Keys for this holiday. You will find many fabulous choices as to where and how to give thanks with family and friends. thanksgreatpicYou can dine right outside of your own home and enjoy the swayingthankstable2 palms, salty breezes and brilliant aquamarine waters of the Florida Keys. You can open the windows and set a beautiful bountiful table and let the breezes and flowery smells mingle. Those of you who are visiting the islands have the options as to where in the Keys to celebrate the holiday, or you may want to dine in and enjoy the rental home, villa or suite you are staying in. Whether you dine on a tropical themed menu or the always delicious turkey and sidekicks, it’s a lovely experience in the islands.


So some might say – why spend such a special day in the kitchen when you can enjoy an expertly prepared, sumptuous meal at one of the many lovely restaurants in our area? There are a variety of places where the staff is over the top friendly, delightfully accommodating, and will make your meal special. Some places boast a poolside bar offering great drinks as well as terrific food. There are places that have wonderful views of pristine Florida Keys waters. The only problem you may encounter is making a choice from all of these exceptional places where the food and drink is beautifully presented.thanks5

Or yet again, you may decide you prefer to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal in the comfort of your own home, vacation home, rental villa or hotel suite, but you do not want to cook. Well there are several places which will happily take care of the cooking for you. All you need to do is place an order in advance and pick up your meal – or have it delivered, and enjoy it completely stress free with your loved ones.thanks2

dogbar7 thanks6One more of the many things I adore about the Florida Keys is that they are indeed pet friendly. If you have your beloved dog/s with you, or maybe a parrot, there are several local outside restaurants/bars where the patrons are an eclectic mix of people and canines. These establishments provide an outside area for pets to accompany their dogbar4owners. Everyone coexists happily in these areas quite well, and the dogs seem to just be joyous to be included in the outing.  There are also many pet free options so you can choose to have intimacy with your tropical meal experience sans canine company!



One of the best Thanksgivings I have ever had was in the lower Keys in an outside garden at an apartment I was renting, surrounded by tropical foliage and way more people than I had planned on. We all wrote a little something creative, inspiring or poetic on the tablecloth, and of course I have it still.

Here is a list of just a few of the restaurants to choose from in the lower keys area. I am listing these places  from my own knowledge of who will be open Thanksgiving.  I by no means want to leave anyone out. Some places are quite elegant, and others are more rustic and full of character. There are many, many other wonderful available places in which to celebrate your holiday as well! This list is just to name a few – who cover the realm from rustic to elegant. You can contact the Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce for more specific restaurant information.

                                                                                                                       Butterfly Café, Tranquility Bay, Marathon

Springers, Big Pine Key

Bistro 31, Big Pine Key

Boondocks Bar and Grill, Ramrod Key

No Name Pub, Big Pine Key

Square Grouper Bar and Grill, Cudjoe Key

Mangrove Mama’s, Sugarloaf Key

Tavern N Town Marriot, Key West

A & B Lobster House, Key West

Keyviche Seafood, Key West

Bagatelle,Key West

Michael’s, Key West

El Meson de Pepe’s, Key West

Louie’s Backyard, Key West

Blue Heaven, Key West

 So bring your appetite and your happy holiday spirit to Monroe County and enjoy delectable dining in whatever style you please, with a tropical twist from the Keys!!!


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