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Eden Pines Subdivision – Big Pine Key’s Very Own Eden


There are so many things to enjoy about Eden Pines it’s hard to define them all – when you turn left off of Key Deer blvd onto Watson where the lovely Eden Pines sign is, you have entered one of the friendliest and larger subdivisions of Big Pine Key. It is in one of the most sizable areas of the Key Deer refuge and naturally, you will find a large part of our diminutive key deer herd thriving comfortably around their human neighbors. ep10And epneighbors there are – in the 1960’s when this area was first built, the roads were white sand and there were only a very few houses intact. Now, there are not only plenty of homes of varying sizes, there is an abundance of trees and foliage as well. The beauty of the area has streets that are aptly named with the plant life that can be found: Hibiscus Drive, Rose Drive, Coconut Palm Drive, Allamanda Drive, Gardenia Drive, and many more. alamandathankskeys2frangi

When you decide to explore this area, contact one of the experienced, knowledgeable and professional real estate agents from KeyIsle Realty, and they can show you the variety that this neighborhood has to offer. For starters, although houses located on the numerous canals are the majority, the Keys are not just about waterfront property, and there are plenty of non-waterfront homes to choose from. Some of the properties offer connecting lots. Whether or not you have a home on the water, with the easily maneuvered neighborhood boat ramp, there is always quick access to Bogie channel, the back country and the open ocean. And don’t forget, this area is lovely for kayaking. There are sectors of this subdivision that are very concealed and the landscape along with the shallow water exploring is amazing for anyone who ventures forth in a canoe or kayak.ep6big pineep5ep7

Your KeyIsle professional will assure you that most of the houses you’ll see have been well taken care of, this is a vicinity where people have a lot of pride in their yards and homes. As you check out the area, you’ll see people walking, biking and golf carting – they will wave and give you a smile. It’s a pet friendly place, but all pets are well taken care of and kept in their fenced in yards ep2or on leashes, when they’re not playing at the local dog park. ep12

Another great way to sample this islands social nature in a festive atmosphere in Big Pine Key is during the weekend at the Big Pine Flea Market. This is just a few minutes away from Eden Pines. Participating artists and vendors host this event both Saturday and Sunday so visitors and locals alike can enjoy the versatility, have some refreshments and socialize. Ask your KeyIsle Realtor about this for more information on this ongoing event.ep13

There is always more information to gather about this an other subdivisions to help familiarize you with the area, along with the KeyIsle real estate options so that you can make wise, informed decisions on all of your real estate needs.








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