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Monthly Archives: August 2015

    A Summerland Dream Location You Will Be Proud Of

    By Nancy Banks | August 17, 2015

    This home in the picturesque little area of Summerland Cove Isle has the power to soothe the stressed and provide glimpses of Florida that few can witness. The boating access to the ocean is within a few minutes’ reach, while the privacy and comfort of the protective cove creates a gentle haven of privacy. Tucked... Read More

    Getting There – The Bridges and the Drive Through the Florida Keys

    By Nancy Banks | August 13, 2015

      When I was a kid, my parents would pile the family into the weary station wagon, and we’d begin our journey from the depths of Miami to the absolute magic of the Florida Keys. I remember vividly the bridges and what an adventure it seemed to be, to travel from world to world over these behemoths. To... Read More

    Have A Happy Lobster Season in the Florida Keys!

    By Nancy Banks | August 13, 2015

      Lobster, langastino, langoustine, bugs, crustacean, coquillage, limpet, grasshopper, spiny; whichever moniker you use for it, tis the season for lobster in the fabulous Florida Keys. Yes, it is indeed that time of year when these succulent creatures of the sea are once again being offered as gifts to us for the taking. Few places... Read More

    The Wild Dogs of Ramrod

    By Nancy Banks | August 13, 2015

            When you arrive into the outback of the island of Ramrod, if you maintain a quiet approach and peer through the mangroves and bushes, you may be lucky enough to observe the elusive wild dogs of Ramrod frolicking in their natural habitat. They will be roving like herculean beasts, sparring with... Read More