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    Back Roads of Big Pine Key

    By Nancy Banks | June 22, 2016

    Big Pine Key is a bit of a natural refuge from some of the more tourist oriented and highly populated parts of the lower keys. One of my favorite things to do on Big Pine is to explore the back roads on my trusty scooter. The back roads of Big Pine stretch out most extensively... Read More

    Entertaining In and Around Big Pine Key

    By Nancy Banks | April 12, 2016

      When some friends of mine called the other day to tell me they were coming down to visit me for a few days, my mind immediately shifted into high gear. They said they wanted to stay in the big Pine area and get a good taste of this island life. There are so many... Read More

    Eden Pines Subdivision – Big Pine Key’s Very Own Eden

    By Nancy Banks | February 20, 2016

    There are so many things to enjoy about Eden Pines it’s hard to define them all – when you turn left off of Key Deer blvd onto Watson where the lovely Eden Pines sign is, you have entered one of the friendliest and larger subdivisions of Big Pine Key. It is in one of the... Read More

    Bringing in the New Year in the Florida Keys

    By Nancy Banks | December 30, 2015

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! One of my favorite traditions in the Florida Keys has become how I celebrate the New Year. I might go out on New Year’s Eve for a bit, and join the revelers for some fun, but I have come to look forward to the New Year’s Day celebration even more. There is a... Read More

    Christmas in the Tropics of the Florida Keys

    By Nancy Banks | December 6, 2015

      A  Christmas in the Florida Keys means that the white in your Christmas is powder-soft sand instead of freezing cold snow! It means wondering whether you need a short or long sleeved shirt with your shorts and sandals rather than a long coat and lined boots. It means riding your bicycle or golf cart through... Read More

    “The Old Fishing Village of Big Pine Key” Koehn’s Subdivision

    By Sunnie SanLorenzo | December 6, 2015

      Almost everyone in Monroe County knows that there are several unique subdivisions on Big Pine Key – but there are a number of unintentionally hidden treasures that are not known to many. On the northeast section of Big Pine is one of these largely unknown subdivisions known as Koehn’s Subdivision – and is often... Read More

    Tropical Key Colony – A Quiet Oasis

    By Nancy Banks | November 24, 2015

    The cozy, peaceful neighborhood of Tropical Key Colony is sandwiched between the subdivisions of Pine Channel Estates and Big Pine Shores. It is just east of the previously mentioned Pine Channel Estates. It is an oasis of natural simplicity and quiet – with a happy, thriving population of our diminutive key deer, as well as all of the... Read More

    Thanksgiving in the Fabulous Florida Keys!

    By Nancy Banks | November 24, 2015

    Thanksgiving is upon us in the fabulous Florida Keys! Red snapper Rangoon, honey glazed ham with pineapple chutney, crab claw appetizers, coconut pineapple pilaf, chocolate key lime pie, …..these are just a few of the tropical alternates for the traditional Thanksgiving feast you might find in the Florida Keys for this holiday. You will find... Read More

    Pine Channel Estates – All Waterfront Homes

    By Nancy Banks | October 18, 2015

    You are initially welcomed into the waterfront subdivision of Pine Channel Estates by the beautiful colorful sign for Big Pine’s long established, environmentally conscious charter business on the furthermost west turn toward the north on Big Pine Key. The street that glides you in is Ships Way, and the corridor is lined with tropical foliage... Read More

    Big Pine Key – The Largest Little Island in the “Upper” Lower Keys

    By Nancy Banks | October 3, 2015

    Big Pine Key is the largest little island in the “upper” lower keys, though it is indeed in the lower keys. There is a lot of history in this area of diverse land that has gone through more than one metamorphosis yet has somehow stayed very much the same in many areas. As the scooter rides, Big... Read More