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Big Pine Key / No Name Key Real Estate

Big Pine Key

Escape from the complexities of the average American urban life with its overcrowded neighborhood within the Big Pine Key real estate area. Part of the Lower Keys of the gorgeous Florida Keys chain of islands, Big Pine Key offers a resort community lifestyle.

This unincorporated community of Monroe County, Florida, is home to a tranquil and laid back community life which features small beach resorts, charming little restaurants, various sizes and prices of single-family homes, beach houses, lakefront properties and apartments that is surrounded with the natural beauty of the Florida coast.

Most houses spread among the neighborhoods of Big Pine Key offers canal or gulf front and view features in various sizes of conch or stilt single family homes. The luxurious estates and villas within the upscale neighborhood of Pine Channel Estates offers spacious homes, while those in the middle class may find affordably priced residences in the neighborhoods of Eden Pines Colony, Pine Heights, Doctor’s Arm, Darios Sub and Sands Sub. Most of these communities also have duplex, apartments and condominiums units available for rent or sale.

4,200+ residents of Big Pine Key enjoy a tropical resort residential atmosphere and being the second largest Key island, it has quick access to most commercial, recreational and leisure facilities, and county services. A good education program is provided by the Monroe County School District with both private and public schools.

Big Pine Key and the other Lower Keys series of islands is just a short drive away from Key West International Airport, just a couple of miles away from Florida Keys Marathon Airport and about 2-3 hours away from Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Miami International Airport. It also has quick access interstate bus routes, train services and even an intra-coastal nautical highway. With all the accessible routes, Big Pine Keys enjoys a fluid flow of trade and commerce which is mostly brought by tourism.

There are ton of activities for leisure and recreation within this Florida Keys area. Big Pine Key has one of the best areas to snorkel and dive with its proximity to Looe Key coral reef. Ride though the National Key Deer Refuge, venture out to neighboring No Name Key and see how residents stay off the grid with their self sufficient homes, or check out the Blue Hole and be amazed by the various wildlife that this nature preserve within the Key Deer park has to offer.

There’s lots more to do and experience if you do choose to relocate to the Big Pine real estate region. It is just one of the best places to raise a family, with a surging employment growth no income tax and low sales taxes, Big Pine Key is offering you and your family the best of what life has to offer!

No Name Key

Go green within the eco-friendly community of No Name Key! The homes within the No Name Key real estate area is completely off the grid, since this part of the Florida Key’s Lower Keys chain of islands has no public electricity and water supply. But don’t be alarmed, it’s not totally a deserted island.

All 43 middle to high-end priced single family homes with a great view of the ocean within the No Name Key are self sufficient homes that get their electricity needs through a hybrid of solar and fuel run generator powered living spaces. The most luxurious “solar homes” are located in the posh Dolphin Harbor subdivision. Houses here have multi-million real estate market values.

The No Name Key community does have paved roads and walkways, a phone communication service, a natural water pump with water valves and pipes all over the 998 acre island, 30 miles away from Key West and near the airports of Florida Keys Marathon, Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International and Miami International.

The island community is not cut off to the mainland, giving the residents quick access to facilities and services through a modern concrete bridge that is the Bogie Channel Bridge connecting it to Big Pine Key. The bridge gives residents access to Big Pine Key’s market area and amenities.  This bridge also serves as a popular fishing spot for both local and visiting fishing aficionados.

Like its next door neighbor Big Pine Key, residents of this island community take advantage of the Monroe County School District and recreation facilities of the whole Lower Keys island chains.

The most famous establishment in the whole No Name Key real estate area is the No Name Pub, tagged as the “Best casual dining restaurant” in the entire Florida State which is right in the middle of the island’s main Watson Road, which is connected to eight more arteries that are built around three canals leading to the mouth of the Spanish Channel.

Kayaking, deer viewing, hiking, fishing… Choosing to relocate in this energy self sufficient and upscale island residences offers a plethora of adventures, unique experiences and spectacular views that the Florida Keys islands are world famous for.